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  No.150, Sec. 3, Siwei Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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  TEL:(089)229-979 FAX:(089)228-585
“To get away from the noisiness of the Court, French King Louis XIV built the Grand Trianon for the enjoyment of relaxed moment with his beloved wife in the 17th century.” --The Grand Trianon in Paris, France.
The “Home” Oriented Philosophy
Hotel de Trianon, a hotel which feels like home, follows the original intention of Louis XIV and the owner’s father’s business, is hoping to welcome all guests with a warm atmosphere like home, as a business of happiness.
Exquisite Customer Service
Experience Hotel de Trianon’s heartwarming services starting from the moment you enter the hotel! Besides exquisite welcoming refreshment macarons, we also provide local traveling guide books and tourist maps. Open the bedroom door,there is a welcoming gift waiting for you in the bed; moreover, we specially selected A-Yuan bath soap series as the room supplies to take good care of your exhausted skin. In addition to snacks, our mini bar also provides premium Twinings tea to relax your mind.
Carefully selected ingredients to satisfy your appetite
Let’s start your day with a good breakfast: with fresh vegetables, premium eggs and ingredients directly delivered from the farm, the homemade French breakfast is healthy and relaxing.
As for the welcoming refreshment, our CEO have devoted a long time in French Cordon Bleu for the Le Cordon Bleu pâtissier certificate, so that the guests may enjoy the original, elegant and exquisite French dessert which makes you feel like walking on the streets of Paris.
Deep Relaxation, Comfortable Experience
In Hotel de Trianon you may get rid of the long-accumulated stress and experience the beauty and culture during your journey. Get out of the crowd, slow down and make yourself at home; slowly encounter the romantic city and enjoy the relaxing life of France.
A Passion Fulfills a Dream
It was a passion, a dream, that the young CEO built the unique Hotel de Trianon. To achieve the dream and passion in hotel management, our CEO has pursued the education in the field of hotel management. As he realized that catering quality is as important as the quality of hotel services, he resolutely left for France for further education in French Cordon Bleu after graduation and finally obtained the Le Cordon Bleu pâtissier certificate. Started as a newcomer, he didn’t know any French and firstly felt the strangeness and loneliness in a foreign city. Suddenly he decided to stop and take a look at the local people, he realized that they were walking in light and slow paces, some stopped to read and some sat down for a coffee, everyone may elegantly sit down on the grass and enjoy the relaxation. The easy and relaxed life style was totally opposite than where he was from, a city with crowded people and hasty life style.
That’s it. That’s how Life should be!
After returning to Taiwan, he started to plan for the hotel. With the philosophy of “home”, the hotel introduced the leisure living pace of France and continued the noble service spirit. We spare no effort
in providing you the best quality of accommodation. With the modest prices and top experiences, Hotel de Trianon will make your stay the most heartwarming, comfortable and unforgettable.
Room Name
On Sale
Paris Double Room(King size bed)
King size bed
Paris Double Room(2 Single beds)
2 Single beds
Great Paris Triple Room
2 King size beds
Great Paris Quad Room
2 King size beds
Weekday & Weekend checking time
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:16:00   check out time:12:00
  ※Weekend check in time:16:00   check out time:12:00
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    Care Service
      1.Please make cancelation online for reservation online and pay for the cancelation service fee.

      Cancelation service fee:
      *Canceling the reservation 14 days before the check-in date: Trianon has the right to reserve deposit for three months,the deposit will be confiscated after three months.
      *Canceling the reservation 7 days before the check-in date: 30% of the deposit.
      *Canceling the reservation 3 days before the check-in date: 100% of the deposit.
      *Canceling the reservation on the check-in date or no show: 1 day room fees will be charged.

      2.If earthquake or Central Weather Bureau announce an on-land typhoon warning or other irresistible natural disasters, the cancellation will not be limited by the cancellation policy.

      3. If you want to change accomodation date, accomodation nights,room type or the amount of rooms. Please contact Trianon to complete the changing procedures.
      The change of reservation should be approved by Trianon. Please understand if there's no vacancy for the reservation change.

      4. If you want to cancel or change reservation due to irresistble reasons, please contact Trianon by phone.Trianon will cancel or change the reservation according to above mentioned policy.

      * After a successful booking, the page will turn to the page of booking successful, If the page didn't turn to the page of booking successful, please check the reservation status at the top of reservation page(My order). If the reservation canot be found, please contact with Trianon.

      Traveler Q&A:
      1. Check in time:16:00 Check-out time:12:00.
      2. No smoking.
      3. Pets are not allowed.