Room Details

Deluxe Suite

One Large Bed
The original price: NT$4380; 30% off on weekdays: NT$3070; 10% off on holidays: NT$3950
Room Styles: R101 Dream Factory, R103 Paris Fashion, R107 Palace of Versailles, R803 Dream Factory
Facilities: 42-inch/47-inch LCD TV, colorful Jacuzzi, SPA, blu-ray VOD, free cabled network and Wi-Fi.
Optional Facilities: KTV (R101), oxygen milk bath (R803), SPA pool (R803), sauna chamber (R101, R103), steam (R107, R803), Massage chair(R103,R107)
Rest: Original Price: NT$1480; discount price: NT$1280/3 hours
Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday
Holidays: Saturday, national holidays and the eve, long holidays and the eve, special holidays
Check in and check out time on weekdays and holidays
Check in time on weekdays: 18:00
Check out time: 12:00
Check in time on holidays: 18:00
Check out time: 12:00
Extended Stay: Please check out before 12:00 and check in again at night.