Room Details

Luxury Suite

One Large Bed
The original price: NT$3600; 30% off on weekdays: NT$2520; 10% off on holidays: NT$3240
Room Styles: R105 Simple Style, R106 Chanel, R108 Fashionable and Glamorous, R601 Astrology, R602 Neoclassic, R606 In the Mood for Love, R607 Passionate Dancer, R608 Love Trap, R801 Florida, R805 Southeast Asian Ambience, R806 Love of Cherry Blossoms, R808 LALU
Facilities: 42”/47”/50” LCD, colorful Jacuzzi, SPA, blu-ray VOD, free cabled network and Wi-Fi.
Optional Facilities:Massage chair (R105, R106, R107,R602, R801, R805), love lounge(R808), oxygen milk bath (R105, R106, R108, R601, R801, R806, R808), SPA pool (R105, R106, R108, R601, R801, R806), sauna chamber(R602, R606, R805), steam chamber (R601, R607).
Rest: Original Price: NT$1230; discount price: NT$1080/3 hours
Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday
Holidays: Saturday, national holidays and the eve, long holidays and the eve, special holidays
Check in and check out time on weekdays and holidays
Check in time on weekdays: 18:00
Check out time: 12:00
Check in time on holidays: 18:00
Check out time: 12:00
Extended Stay: Please check out before 12:00 and check in again at night.