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The business concepts and visions
The Grand City Hotel is located in the prosperous area near the Feng Yuan Train Station, close to the Ci Ji Temple and the snack street east of it. The Ho Fon Bikeway and the Ton Fon Bikeway Green Corridor is within reach and overall the transportation here is easily accessible. The Grand City Hotel is the top choice for commercial or recreational travels with our 120 guest rooms, the western Mayfair Restaurant on the first floor, the eastern Canton Palace on the second floor, the teppanyaki on the third floor and the ballroom in the basement floor. 
The Grand City Hotel was built on the architectural foundation provided by the affiliated company “Hunt  Construction Corp.” along with other elite members of the hotel industry. After two years of planning, the hotel had its grand opening on June 14th. The Founder Mr. Lai Ying Xuan runs the hotel with the concept to give back to the local community and rejuvenate the prosperity of the area around Feng Yuan Train Station, allowing locals to enjoy the high quality service and cuisines without the burden of traveling far. 
About Grand City Hotel The Grand City Hotel is under the management of “Hunt Champion International Group”. Other hotels include the Capital Hotel in Wuci. The parent company - Hunt Champion International Group is a well -known international trades company that has been in Taiwan for more than thirty years. 
About the Founder -The Founder and Chairman Mr. Lai Ying Xuan is a sincere, honest, dedicated and successful entrepreneur. Mr. Lai is not only loved by friends of the commercial world but also the perfect example for the employees of the company. Mr. Lai manages with the concept of integrating all the different resources of the company to achieve the ultimate goal of building a sustainable hotel brand. At the same time, Mr. Lai also focuses on cultivating talented individuals and providing the stage to allow them to thrive and achieve their best; anyone can achieve their dreams and visions at the Grand City Hotel.  


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Weekday & Weekend checking time
Definition of weekdays/holidays for accommodation
For national holidays and Spring Festival please refer to the regulation notice of the hotel.
Please refer to the official website for any changes to the weekday and holiday definition; please forgive us for not notifying individually.
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Restaurant Facilities
    1F Mayfair Restaurant
    Mayfair Restaurant provides buffet for breakfast and lunch, and set menu for dinner. The rich cuisines include appetizers, salad bar, soup, seasonal cooked food, European desserts, various drinks and many more. Dine in the comfortable and elegant surrounding while enjoying the meal carefully prepared by the chefs. Moreover, cakes, desserts and buffet afternoon teas are also provided every afternoon, allowing you to enjoy the western cuisine in a relaxing ambience.
    Breakfast: Monday – Sunday 06:30-09:30
    Lunch: Monday – Sunday 11:30-14:00
    Afternoon tea: Monday – Sunday 14:30-16:30
    Dinner: Monday – Sunday 17:00-21:00
    A 10% service fee is required

    2F Canton Palace
    Lunch : Monday – Sunday 11:30-14:00 Dinner: Monday – Sunday 17:30-21:00 A 10% service fee is required

    3F Shine Teppanyaki
    The chefs of Shine Teppanyaki uses fresh, delicate and carefully picked ingredients to add a sense of creative aesthetic to the classic cuisines, resulting in the amazing integration of cuisines that changes on a seasonal basis. The chef demonstrates neat knife work and experienced heat control on the iron panel to cook a delicacy exclusive for you, a feast not only for the mouth but also for the eyes. The first Amethyst counter design in Central Taiwan with six private boxes that can be separated or linked together, allowing you to enjoy the privacy and respect while hosting a gathering or party.
    Lunch: Monday – Sunday 11:30-14:00 Dinner: Monday – Sunday 17:30-21:00 A 10% service fee is required

    3F Shine Bar
    The Shine Bar is designed with the latest bluish fashion. Imagine sitting alone or with friends in a comfortable ambience with a glass of your favorite drink, listening to the beautiful tunes and just relax.
    Monday – Sunday: 11:30-14:00 | 17:00-21:00

Care Service

    Public facilities and services:

    ◎room service

    ◎coin operated laundry room

    ◎ wireless internet


    ◎merchandise shop

    ◎steam room

    ◎foot bath, massage chair

    ◎outdoor parking lot

1.To ensure personal rights, the guest reserving should be the same as the guest that is checking in; please provide authentic ID for registration while checking in.
2.(CHECK IN)PM:15:00
Please check in on time; otherwise contact beforehand with the hotel if unable to do so.
3.Check out time for each room type: before AM:14:00

Regulations for reservations by phone
1.Please inform the accommodation date and the number of guests to the service staff; then we will fax or mail the reservation authorization document to you. The authorization document is to ensure the customer’s reservation rights, please confirm and send it back within the time limit; unable to do so will result in an automatic cancellation of the reservation without additional notice.
2.Each room type is limited; please plan and reserve early to ensure the quality of the trip.

Reservation for coupon reservation
1.Guests making a reservation through this online booking system have to agree to pay the full payment of the room price to ensure the right to the room and the price online.
2.After finishing payment by credit card online, the payment will be immediately charged to the credit card number provided.
3.If a change of date is needed after booking online, please call the reservation hotline : 04-22399000during office hours.
4.Each room type is limited; please plan and reserve early to ensure the quality of the trip.

Regulations for coupon reservation
1.The invoice for the coupon was already issued, no other invoice will be issued upon use; the coupon is for one-time use only and inseparable.
2.The coupon can’t be cashed in or used with other discounts or events.
3.The coupon is a kind of bearer security and should be presented upon usage. The coupon will not be reissued for any lost, stolen or damaged reasons.
4.For any changes of room style or plan, the difference between the coupons’ room style and the desired room style or plan should be paid. The price of the room style or plan is in accordance to the price on the accommodation date.

deposit Regulation
1. The deposit for reservation is 30% of the total quote. During Spring Festival the deposit for reservation is 100% of the total quote.
2. Only cash/remittance/credit card payment is accepted

Cancellation Regulation
1.Reservation can’t be cancelled on the day of arrival. If there is a need to change the room type, please confirm with the hotel before noon that day. The result will be in accordance to the actual rooms left that day; no changes can be made if there aren’t any suitable rooms.
2.Cancellation 7 days prior (not including the accommodation date) will result in a full refund or preservation of the reservation for 3 months.
3.Cancellation 3-6 days prior (not including the accommodation date) will result in a 70% refund of the total quote or preservation of the reservation for 3 months.
4.Cancellation 1-2 days prior (not including the accommodation date) will result in a 50% refund of the total quote or preservation of the reservation for 3 months.
5.If the accommodation date encounters uncontrollable factors such as an official land typhoon warning (place of departure or destination) or traffic disruption by earthquake or typhoon, the reservation can be fully refunded or preserved for 3 months.