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  TEL:(049)290-0679 FAX:(049)290-1255
Aesthetics, Taste, Atmosphere
The first boutique hotel of Ease Hotel Group was jointly designed by 5 interior designers renowned across the Strait. There are 18 VIP Villa rooms and 75 boutique business suites with stylish and exquisite spaces that are extremely beautiful than ever. Based on the concept of customer-centered design, the classic art and crafts of rooms that is innovative and overturns people’s imagination brings comfort, fashion and aesthetics together with a reinterpretation for building an iconic premium hotel in Puli.
The understated and sophisticated façade was outlined by architects with the clever design of clean lines and a geometric touch that looks majestic and extraordinary.
A total of 8598 materials were carefully selected and used on creating our hotel rooms. They were mixed and matched by designers to deliver wonderful views with creative sparkles.
The handcrafted tailor-made furniture is fabulous in its shapes with a feeling of warmth. The carefully selected fabrics as well as the rare glossy design display a low-keyed luxury by themselves. Each piece of furniture has some place exclusively for it to shine. Our room is just like the king that needs furniture as his queen. Both of them are the important existence.
The lighting with the refraction of crystal is stunning. It brings a sound of joy with a look of charm to the space by its eccentric shape. It allows travelers to recall all the wonderful details during the trip, have a beautiful dream and carry on their journeys.
The story of travelers enjoying Puli in 2015 starts from her
Room Name
On Sale
Double-V Room
One Double Bed
Deluxe Twin Room
Two Double Bed
Family Room
Two Double Bed
One Double Bed
Villa-LL Family
Executive-E Suite
Two Double Bed
Weekday & Weekend checking time
Definition of Hot Day: Fridays, Sundays, July and August
Definition of Holiday: Saturdays, the eve of national holidays
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Care Service
    • Free breakfast provided for some room types.
    • Free Wi-Fi Internet access provided in all rooms.
    • Crib and baby bathtub are provided. Please contact our receptionist upon requests.
    • Children’s play room and tourist information service are provided.
    • According to Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, no smoking is allowed everywhere in the hotel please.
Our Booking Policy
1.Only two occupiers allowed to stay in one room
2.Maximum two extra beds are available
3.No pets allowed please
4.No more than two visitors allowed
5.Two free breakfasts provided for accommodation
6.If you are not able to check in for any reason after booking, please inform us by phone as soon as possible.
7.Voucher(s) will be invalid if you cancel the booking that is made by using voucher(s) on check-in date or without notice.
8.Check-in time for VIP Villa:18:00
Check-out time for VIP Villa:12:00
9.Check-in time for Business Room:15:00
Check-out time Business Room:20:00
10.An additional charge is requested for the extension of stay at VIP Villa.