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During the process of constructing 3 Door Hotel, Design Director Hong Han-zong always thinks about how to construct a perfect space where everyone can enjoy happiness in.
Besides sunshine, air, and water, the most important thing is to realize everyone’s dream. Therefore, Hong would like to design a hotel without threshold so as to accept all travelers with the central idea of building a good house.
The three doors of 3 Door Hotel symbolize a warm heart.
The three doors open up to a great environment proper for residents.
What’s inside the three doors is the most fantastic memory.
We would like to provide a sweet home for each traveler.
A door is both a terminal and a starting point. What each traveler explores, seeks, and expects on their way is the surprise hidden behind each door.
3 Doors derive from the doors of “aesthetics of architecture,” “art appreciation,” and “culture of historic city.”
It is hoped that each traveler to Tainan can treat the Hotel as the premium home when they enter the lobby, climb upstairs, and open the door to the room like they are treasure hunting and taking adventures so that they can have sufficient courage to set out a new trip again.
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Two large beds
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Weekday & Weekend checking time
Weekdays: Sunday to Friday. Holidays: Saturday.
Definition of long holidays: national holidays, special holidays.(6∕9-11、9∕15-17、10∕7-8、12∕31-1∕1)
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Restaurant Facilities

    ■ Restaurant
Care Service

    ■ 【To treat the guests with the greatest manners in Tainan—Services with heart】
    The rooms are built with the greatest sincerity: The guests would feel safe, worried free, sincerity, consideration, and happiness here. The rooms are equipped with terrazzo and wooden floor, in the hope of establishing a dust mite and formaldehyde free space without the common carpet. Cypress is used in large amount in the Hotel, coated with only protective lacquer so that you can breath in phytocid at each corner of the Hotel. After each guest checks out, the Hotel would clean up the room with professional O3 ozone machine to reduce allergy so that you can stay here without worries. We insist providing you with the best room, “a hypoallergenic room” so that you can be relaxed physically, mentally, and spiritually at 3 Door Hotel. When you are relaxed, you will naturally feel happy.

    ■ 【Sky Garden】
    Design Director Hong Mark built Sky Garden according to what he imagined in his mind in Tainan. You are able to see the secluded and comfortable life at the Sky Garden in Tainan, overlooking the history of Tainan. We provide space for interaction and reading, audio-visual and fitness equipment, space for families to spend quality time together. Welcome to see the enchanting view with the coexistence of the old and the new in the ancient city.

    ■ 【A bottle of complimentary beer for accommodation on weekdays】
    Guests boarding on weekdays will have a bottle of complimentary beer at the bar for each room. Please talk about your life and enjoy a tasteful period of time relaxingly at the bar at the lobby. 3 Bar opening hours: 21:00-3:00

    ■ 【Customized Butler Service】
    The nobility and natural atmosphere of Tainan, integrated with the gracefulness of British aristocratic butlers are developed into the most comfortable service with “gracefulness of the aristocrats” and being “know-all.” Through the introduction of the trip, you are able to relax yourself by tasting good food, tasting wine, enjoy the art and culture, and appreciate architecture.

    ■ 【Nearby Tourist Attractions】
    Tainan Cultural and Creative Park, Tainan Park (Original Botanical Garden during Japanese Colonial Period), National Cheng Kung University Banyan Garden, Fort Provintia, Art Street of Haan Rd., Tainan Flowers Night Market, Tainan Snacks and Stores at Zhengxin St. and Guohua St., Hayashi Department Store, BCP Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, etc.

    ■ 【Luxurious Facilities and Amenities】
    Japanese INAX washlets, made in Germany Villeroy & Boch and Grohe advanced showering equipment in the whole Hotel, imported cypress desks, large amount of cypress in the elevators and rooms, US Restonic mattresses, beds designated by the Lalu, Sun Moon Lake, originally imported BonnieHouse natural shampoo, body wash, conditioner, homemade soap, 50-inch LCD TV, and electric curtains.

    ■ 【Coffee freshly roasted every day in combination with local industries】
    The Hotel chooses to work with local coffee companies to choose coffee richer than that made by other companies. The Hotel also insists providing you the freshest coffee, roasted and delivered everyday so that you can have the freshest coffee rich with human warmth in Tainan.

    ■ 【Free Bicycles】
    The Hotel provides bicycle renting service. When you are in Tainan, you can travel around the city slowly at ease by bicycle.
(1)Check-in time: weekdays: after 15:00; check-out time: 11:00 am
(2)Complimentary western-style breakfast (dining time: 6:30AM~10:00AM)
(3)Credit cards are acceptable. Toiletries are available.
(4)No pets. No smoking.
(5)To provide you with greater space, additional bed service is available for one extra guest each room for $1,100/adult (including breakfast and amenities).Free for children under 6. Guests over 6: NT$1100/person (including breakfast)
(6)The number of parking lots is limited. Please understand that the Hotel does not accept reservation for parking space.
(7)Weekdays: Sunday to Friday. Holidays: Saturday.
Definition of long holidays: national holidays, special holidays.(6∕9-11、9∕15-17、10∕7-8、12∕31-1∕1)
(8)We would like to remind you that once you press “Agree” to proceed the reservation procedure, it means you completely agree the regulations resolved by the Hotel. Please read the following instructions carefully before making reservation. If you have any questions regarding to the following regulations, please call the Hotel to make confirmation before making reservation.
(9)If you need to cancel the reservation, please apply for cancellation online by yourself. The cancelation service fee shall be paid by the one making reservation.
(10)After completing reservation procedure and making payment with your credit card online, the amount will be immediately deducted from the credit card account you provide.
(11)To protect the safety of the credit card transaction, the one making reservation online shall be the same as the one checking in the room. To ascertain your identity, please show your ID when checking in.
(12)The refund will be given in 14-21 working days (returned to the original credit card. If it just passes the checkout day, the refund will be shown in the bill next month.) Please confirm the date before making reservation.
(13)The price has included tax and service fee.
(14)Please inform the Hotel before 10:00 am on the check-in date for force majeure happening in where the Hotel is located, such as traffic disruption caused by an earthquake, a land typhoon warning for a typhoon day off in Tainan City announced by Central Weather Bureau, the deposit can be preserved for three months or you can cancel the reservation (the deposit will totally refunded.)
(15)For citizen’s travel card holders, after they complete reservation online, the amount will be deducted from the credit card account provided. Please confirm whether the deduction date conforms to the regulations for travel reimbursement stipulated by the government. The Hotel will not take responsibility for failure for reimbursement or other questions afterwards.
(16)The number of rooms and reservation time through online reservation system is limited. The number of rooms, room prices, and the contents will be adjusted according to the accommodation conditions every day. The actual price shall be based on the price announced online. Those making reservation online shall agree to pay for the total amount of the room price. The Hotel reserves the right to change the price of the rooms online.

Cancel policy:
In accordance to the Regulation of Standard Contracts issued by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and communications:
★Cancellation on the check-in date will result in a 30% fee of the total room price
★Cancellation 1 day before the check-in date will result in a 24% fee of the total room price
★Cancellation 2-3 days before the check-in date will result in a 21% fee of the total room price
★Cancellation 4-6 days before the check-in date will result in a 18% fee of the total room price
★Cancellation 7-9 days before the check-in date will result in a 15% fee of the total room price
★Cancellation 10-13 days before the check-in date will result in a 9% fee of the total room price
★Cancellation 14 days before the check-in date will result in a full refund