Hotel j-Jiaoxi (Hotel j-Jiaoxi)

Jiaoxi hotel、Yilan hotel、Jiaoxi hotspring

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  No. 182, Section 5, Jiaoxi Road
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  TEL:03-9889603 FAX:03-9883022
HOTEL j Jiaoxi is located in the most bustling part of Jiaoxi, a location from which it is convenient to get to any attraction in Yilan. Better yet, we provide a warm and comfortable environment to make you feel at home.We are right next to the shops and food streets. Visitors may shop and taste the authentic delicacies of the Jiaoxi hot spring.
HOTEL j Jiaoxi is located on Provincial Highway Number 9. Transportation is convenient as we are within a 5-minute walking distance from both the train station as well as the bus station.  We are within 5-8 minutes driving distance after getting off State Highway Number 5 via Toucheng Interchange.The hotel itself is a single 5-story building equipped with 31 guest rooms. The reception lobby, restaurant and each room are all designed with the unique Lanyang style. We are also equipped with the best facilities such as hot spring pools, air conditioning, satellite/cable TV and free Wi-Fi. The hot springs in Jiaoxi, also known as the springs of beauty, are unique plain sodium bicarbonate springs. It is colorless, odorless and the only one in Taiwan.All room types in the hotel are outfitted with a spring pool, allowing you to enjoy the spring of beauty unique to Jiaoxi right in your room. Guest rooms are designed in the metropolitan fashion style and painted in a colorful manner, providing travelers with a diverse and comfortable living area.
"j" means "Home." HOTEL j's main appeal is our brand image of homeliness, allowing you to enjoy the sweet times of being at home.HOTEL j offers breakfast , allowing you to enjoy the authentic Lanyang taste during your stay.We uphold the spirits of passion, care and thoughtfulness as we serve our guests. Your trip will transcend simple tourism and become an enjoyable experience of relaxation for mind and body.
Room Name
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Superior Double Room
Queen size bed (Sleeps 2 people)
Japanese-style Room
Queen size bed (Sleeps 2 people)
Deluxe Double Room
2 small beds
Warm Family Room
2 large beds
Weekday & Weekend checking time
Weekdays:Sunday to Friday
Holidays:Saturday,National holiday, continuos holidays,Tong Wan festival
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:30
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:30
Restaurant Facilities

    ■ Restaurant
    We provide buffet breakfast in Chinese and Western styles
    Meal time: 0700AM-1000AM
Care Service

    ■ Outdoor Leisure Area
    Day, Night
    Sunlight and starry sky
    Sit down,
    And enjoy
    The essence of being on the road.

    ■ Personal Hot Spring House
    Time limit is 90 minutes with no more than 2 people. Those staying overnight enjoy half price.
1.Users of the reservation system provided by this site must agree to pay the price of the reserved room in full to obtain the right to the online-reserved room and the price.
2.We will deduct the full price from the credit card number you provide. The receipt will be given by the receptionist when checking in. (please fill in all necessary information fully to receive the appropriate receipt)
3.To ensure the safety of credit card transaction, this site requires the personal information of the one making the online reservation and the one checking in to be the same. You must also provide identification documents upon check in.
4.The prices listed online already include 5% tax and service charges.
5.The check in time is after 3 pm and check out time is before 12 pm.
6.The reservations made here are limited discounts. If you cannot come or need to alter the date, please inform us 8 days (excluding check in day) prior to the original check in date. This transaction will be kept for 3 months.
7.Only the usage rights for the reservation price will be kept during this time. Reservation rights to the room and the online discount price are not kept. Therefore if the new check in date and room type are confirmed, please call 03-9889603 with haste to inquire about any vacancies. We will arrange the next reservation according to vacancies and prices at that time.
8.The reservation will only be kept until 20:00 of the check in date. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the room with no refunds should you arrive late without prior notification by phone.
9.A 10% handling fee will be deducted for transactions that meet the criteria for refunding.

Guest Accommodation Notices
1.Check in time is 3 pm and check out time is 12 pm the following day. Early check in or late check out requires an extra fee and reservation. (NT$200/hr)
2.To prevent the contamination of precious water resources, we invite you to protect the environment. Please reuse your towels as much as possible. When continuing your stay, please place the towels that do not require replacement on the towel rack.
3.Pets are strictly forbidden in order to maintain public hygiene and safety.
4.Cooking is forbidden in guestrooms. To prevent danger, please do not use any electrical appliances other than electric shavers and those provided in the room.
5.Personal valuables should be carried personally or placed in the safe provided by the hotel.
6.When heading out, please turn off all electricity in the room and lock the doors. Please hand over the keys to the reception for safekeeping to ensure safety.
7.If there is any mail you want us to send after check out, please inform the reception of the address.
8.If any relatives or friends are visiting, please inform the reception first. As regulated by the government, all visitors entering the guestrooms after 11pm must be checked and registered regardless of sex.
9.Please do not disturb others by talking loudly before 8 am or after 10 pm.
10.The use of narcotics, smoking and gambling are all strictly prohibited within the premises of the hotel. Violators are punishable by law if found to be true after investigation.
11.Please do not bring firearms, dangerous flammable items or other prohibited items into the hotel. Those carrying communicable diseases ordained by law will not be served.
12.In case of emergency, please follow the direction of hotel staff to the designated spot to avoid casualty.
13.If you discover you have left any items in the hotel after check out, please contact the reception immediately.
14.Please double-check your luggage when you check out.
15.Please double-check your luggage when you check out.
16.Please be mindful when using hotel equipment and facilities, repair costs must be paid according to market value in case of damage.

▼If force majeure such as typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters are occur on the date of reservation, cancellation or changes may be made. The deposit may be returned in full or its usage may be postponed, for up to 3 months.
▼Reservation cancellation notices:
▲Cancellation within 1 day of check in will result in 100% loss of room fee.
▲Cancellation within 3 days of check in will result in 50% loss of room fee.
▲Cancellation within 4 days of check in will result in 10% loss of room fee.
▲A 10% service charge will be added.