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  No.79, Nanxing St., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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  TEL:(04)92422088 FAX:(04)92422199
Do you have difficulty finding a comfortable hotel of premium quality when traveling to Sun Moon Lake, Puli? The new Hotel Modern Puli, located at the outskirt of Puli, is surrounded by many stores. It is conveniently located and quiet at the same time. You will feel respected and well-served at the luxurious Hotel with European style grand lobby and high quality service.
Hotel Modern Puli at Sun Moon Lake, Puli, Nantou was grand opened in January 2013. In SRC structure, the building is spectacular and firm. The aristocratic European style lobby is magnificent while a hundred suites in various styles are available for you to choose from. Visiting Modern Hotel Puli, you can either take a rest at the cozy and elegant rooms, enjoy the free beverages, play chess, and watch the night view of Puli at the top floor lounge, take a hot herbal bath to relieve your fatigue at the SPA Sauna Center, or invigorate yourself at the spacious gym and have a hearty buffet breakfast in Chinese and western style at the dining hall on the 1st floor after you are refreshed through the workout.
Modern Hotel Puli is in the neighborhood of many famous tourist attractions. It takes less than an hour to go from the Hotel to Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm, Au Wan Da, Lushan Hot Spring, Chung Tai Chan Monastery, and Puli Paper Dome. Modern Hotel Puli is an alternative smart and economical choice besides other expensive hotels around the tourist attractions.
Room Name
On Sale
Elegant Double Room
one king size bed
Business Twin Room
two single beds
Fashion Triple Room
three single beds
Classic Four-Person Room
standard double beds
Weekday & Weekend checking time
Weekday:Monday to Friday
Weekend:Saturday,Sunday and public holiday
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Care Service
    The Gym on the 8th Floor of Modern Hotel Puli offers a broad and bright fitness and workout space of high quality. Decorated with premium maple wood floor and ceiling high mirrors, the Gym is equipped with comfortable air conditioning and a variety of fitness equipment including computer treadmills, rowing machines, computer bikes, weight lifting training facilities, sit-up machines, horse riding fitness equipment, blood circulation machines, etc.
    Please understand that for safety’s sake, children under 120 cm are not allowed to access to the sauna and fitness equipment.
    Please put on sports wear and shoes when using the fitness equipment.
    Please make sure it is suitable for your physical condition to use the fitness equipment.
    Opening Hours: 4:30 pm-10: 00 pm
    The Gym is freely opened for boarders but not for non-boarders.

    The Sauna on the 8th Floor of Modern Hotel Puli provides a quiet, comfortable, safe, and relaxing space for both men and women. The Sauna is equipped with massage pools, herbal bath pools, cold spring pools, steam rooms, and sauna cabinets.
    The Sauna is divided into men’s and women’s. Please take off your clothes before going in the water.
    Please clean your body thoroughly before entering the pools.
    Please drink adequate amount of water before and after bathing.
    The order of bathing shall be first foot bathing, half-body bathing, and then full-body bathing. Don’t bathe in water higher than your heart.
    At the beginning, the bathing time shall be around 3-10 minutes and less than 15 minutes. The total bathing time shall be less than one hour.
    Please keep quiet when using the sauna.
    Please leave the pool and inform the server if you feel uncomfortable after bathing.
    Please take a rest before bathing after taking a long journey, being excessively exhausted, or intense exercise.
    Pregnant women, physically challenged, elderly people, and children shall avoid bathing alone.
    After bathing, please take a rest for a while and keep warm to avoid catching a cold.
    Those having had height arteriosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, lung disease and other circulatory system disorders and other chronic diseases shall bathe according to the doctor’s instructions.
    Don’t enter the sauna cabinet directly after bathing.
    Please note that you would feel dizzy when you enter the hot spring pool of a high temperature suddently.
    Avoid bathing when being drunk, having a hearty meal, being hungry, or lack of sleep.
    Opening Hours: 4:30 pm-10: 00 pm

    3.International Convention Hall
    The International Convention Hall of Modern Hotel Puli is a space with the capacity of 100 people. Equipped with wireless broadband network, premium stereo, and high lumen projecters, the Hall makes having a conference much easier.
    Private KTV Box The KTV boxes of Modern Hotel Puli are extremely fashionable. Entering the box is like entering a wonderful party. With the broad space, comfortable sofa, and a hundred inch large projecting screen, you can inject much more passion for singing.
    Charge: NT$2000/hour (Those booking more than 15 rooms will have a special price for reserving the KTV box).The KTV boxes are for boarders only, not for non-boarders.

    4.Business and Reading Center
    The comfortable Business and Reading Center on the 1st Floor provides free high-speed broadband network. Equipped with computer systems in four languages, the Center enables boarders around the world to access to Internet without difficulties. Besides, a variety of newspapers and magazines are available as well.

    The Playroom is specially designed for children. The room is designed and arranged under the consideration of safety. With the exquisitely designed colorful ball pool, specially designed children’s toys, building blocks, and books, it is a playroom for children to spend some quality time with their families and have fun at will.

    The Lounge on the 9th Floor of Modern Hotel Puli provides free beverages and various board games.
    You can either have fun leisurely indoors or watch the beautiful night view of Puli outdoors, enjoying yourself for a romantic night in the Hotel.
Reservation Policy
1. Please pay for 30% of the amount for deposit (including dining) in 3 days after reserving a room by telephone. For reservation online, please pay up the amount online.
2. Manual Cancelation Policy:
100% of the paid deposit will be returned for cancelation in 14 days before the check-in date.
70% of the paid deposit will be returned for cancelation in 10-13 days before the check-in date.
50% of the paid deposit will be returned for cancelation in 7-9 days before the check-in date.
40% of the paid deposit will be returned for cancelation in 4-6 days before the check-in date.
30% of the paid deposit will be returned for cancelation in 2-3 days before the check-in date.
20% of the paid deposit will be returned for cancelation in 1 day before the check-in date.
No deposit will be returned for cancelation on the check-in date without informing the Hotel.
3. The cancelation online policy is based on the instructions for reservation.
4. Boarding time: Check-in time: after 3:00 pm; check-out time: before 11:00 am
5. Reservation: For those without paying for the deposit, the room will be reserved until 3:00 pm on the check-in date; for those having paid for the deposit, the room will be reserved until 6:00 pm on the check-in date (Please contact the Hotel via telephone if you are not able to arrive on time. The reservation of those checking in late will be canceled, and the deposit will be confiscated.)
6. Please understand that no pets are allowed in the Hotel.
7. The rooms are for limited number of guests according to the room types. If the number of guests increases, please pay for the additional bed and breakfast fees.
8. Those reserving a room with a voucher shall sign the voucher and fax it to Room Reservation Center 049-2422199. The Hotel reserves the right to abolish the value of the voucher for those canceling the room on the check-in date or failing to check in on the check in date.
9. Please provide the voucher number when reserving a room with a voucher. Those without providing the number will not book a room successfully. The room will not be reserved.
10. Please make sure to inform the Hotel if you need to reschedule your reservation with a voucher. Otherwise, the voucher will be cancelled.