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Invitation from Look Royal Resort- In July 2015 in Chiayi, Look Royal Resort, a hotel on the theme of the happiness of an urban garden. Located at Gangping Garden, West District, Chiayi, the Resort is nearby Taiwan High Speed Rail Station and Chiayi Interchange at the west. It is conveniently accessible. Besides, the Resort is closely connected with downtown Chiayi City. The visitors can travel around the ancient city filled with culture and enjoy a highly intellectual trip.In high ceiling design, Look Royal Resort presents a refreshing, bright, and fashionable style. The visitors can freely enjoy the snacks at the classic western restaurant with soft music and the coconut trees swinging with the wind outside of the window.Passing through the courtyard, you will see an extremely modern white building, a large international ballroom with the capacity of about 70 tables at the Resort. Here, you can hold a romantic and cozy wedding banquet, a banquet to show your gratitude for the teachers, or a release of the company’s new product, etc. Professional staff will provide considerate and professional service for you. Besides, the Resort also provide freshly cooked Hong Kong style dim sum and yam cha to satisfy various picky gourmets.Equipped with 232 exquisite rooms and 9 modern and classic premium suites, Look Royal Resort is designed in fashionable style, with user-friendly facilities, safe accommodation environment, and refreshing and leisure rural landscape to meet various needs of both visitors on business trip and tourism.
Look Royal Resort contains many leisure facilities for visitors, including KTV, chess room, gym, swimming pool, reading area, playroom, business center, and other diverse choices.
Under the core principle of providing the most considerate service, Look Royal Resort creates a space for visitors to feel at home with the most comfortable and elegant rooms, culinary services to satisfy every request, and exquisitely built top-notch leisure facilities. We sincerely invite you to enjoy all of them.
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Superior Twin Room
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Superior Double Room
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Superior Triple Room
Three Single Beds
Superior Family Room
Two Double Beds
Royal Junior Suite
One Double Bed
Royal Deluxe Suite
One Double Bed
Royal Executive Suite
One Double Bed
Weekday & Weekend checking time
Weekdays:Sunday to Thursday
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Restaurant Facilities
    ■ Restaurant for Breakfast
    Designed in unique Mediterranean slats, the Restaurant provides exquisitely cooked hot-stirred dishes, seasonal vegetables, French toast, various beverages. The visitors will definitely feel mouthwatering. Having a cup of strong coffee after the meal, you will feel the aroma in your mouth and begin a new day with the best mood.
    Dining Type: Buffet breakfast in Chinese and western styles
    Opening hours:6:00~10:00
    ■ Ballroom
    The Ballroom is devoted to making a banquet more exquisite, professionalizing culinary service, and diversifying the dishes. Opened to be served for a variety of business banquets, the Ballroom has the capacity of about 70 tables. It is designed in grand and elegant style and decorated in various colors. Each Ballroom is equipped with complete professional stereo equipment and beautiful LED lighting. You and your guests will have fun in the space exclusively designed for you.
    Services: Banquet, wedding banquet
    Opening hours: By reservation
    ■ Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant
    Providing dishes freshly cooked by the chefs right after they are ordered, the Restaurant offers the most authentic and exquisite Hong Kong dim sums for gourmets. You are welcomed to try out the dishes we sincerely prepare with your friends.
    Dining Type: A la carte (With additional 10% service fee + tea charge)
    Opening Hours:11:30~14:00/17:30~21:00
Care Service
    ▪ Business Center Located on the 1st floor of the lobby, Business Center provides desktops for visitors to process their documents and access to the Internet with free Wi-Fi. ▪ Chess Room Chess Room is located on B1. To reserve the Room, please consult with the counter receptionist or booking staff for the time, contents, number of people, and price. ▪ KTV Box The KTV Boxes are located on B1. The maximum capacity of the large boxes is about 30 people while that of the small ones is about 20. To reserve a box, please consult with the counter receptionist or booking staff for the time, contents, number of people, and price. ▪ Reading Area Located on B1, the Reading Area provides a variety of books, newspapers, and magazines to considerately meet your needs and for you to access to various information. ▪ Play Room Located on B1, the Play Room provides a fun and safe place for children and considerately meets your needs. ▪ Gym Located on B1, the Gym is equipped with complete fitness equipment for boarders. The boarders are welcomed to make good use of the Gym. Opening Hours: 9:00 am-11:00 pm every day ※To avoid disturbing others, visitors are not allowed to enter the workout area. ※Please wear sportswear and sneakers when working out at the Gym. ※Please put the equipment back after finishing using the fitness ※No food. ※Please don’t enter the Gym after you are full or drink alcohol. ※Please use the fitness equipment carefully and pay attention to the safety instructions. ※Children are not allowed to enter the Gym. ▪ Swimming Pool The opening hours are based on the announcement of the Resort. ※ Instructions for the Outdoor Swimming Pool Safety 1. The swimming pool is 1600 cm long, 880 wide, and 50-120 cm deep. 2. Only those above 140 cm are allowed to enter the Pool alone. Children between 3-12 shall be accompanied by their parents. 3. To avoid slipping down and getting hurt, please don’t run or chase after others at the Pool. 4. To avoid bumping into others or bumping into the Pool, please don’t push others into the Pool. 5. Jumping into the water is strictly forbidden. You might hurt your neck and become paralyzed for life because of the pool is shallow. 6. To avoid suffocating others because of choking in water, don’t press others into the water while in the Pool. 7. To avoid accidents, please judge your ability when diving into the water. 8. Please leave the Pool and take a rest when you feel cold or are about to have a cramp during a water activity. 9. To avoid getting hurt because of being kicked by others, please open your eyes and keep a safe distance with the swimmers before you when swimming. 10. When you find someone drowning, please immediately yell “someone’s drowning” or call 119 to the Fire Department for help. 11. If you haven’t learned lifesaving, please don’t rush into the water for rescue. 12. If you find you are not able to make it back in the Pool, please raise your hands for help or yell “help” loudly immediately. 13. Those getting drunk are not allowed to enter the Pool. ※ Instructions for Outdoor Swimming Pool Hygiene 1. Those with infectious diseases are forbidden to enter the Pool. 2. Those with infectious eye or skin diseases are forbidden to enter the Pool. 3. Those with high blood pressure and heart disease are forbidden to enter the Pool. 4. No pets in the Pool. 5. Don’t eat or smoke around the Pool. 6. Please take a shower, remove your makeup, and clean your swimming suit and cap before entering the Pool. ▪ Pool/Table Tennis Area Located on B1, the Pool/Table Tennis Area gives you a great space for families to play table sports. ※ Instructions for Pool/Table Tennis Area 1. Please borrow the table tennis and pool device for free at the counter. 2. Please wear leisure apparels and sneakers. 3. To avoid sports injuries, please warm up before playing table tennis or pool. 4. The Area is opened for Hotel boarders only. ▪ Meeting Room The Meeting Room is located on B1. To reserve the Meeting Room, please consult with the counter receptionist or booking staff for the time, contents, number of people, and price.
1. The price of the room includes complimentary breakfast, tax, and 10% service fee.
2. All the rooms are for two guests. Additional person to a general room is NT$400/person; additional person for a suite is NT$500/person.
3. Check-in Time: After 15:00; check-out time: before 12:00 pm
4. Definition of holidays: Saturday, national (long) holidays, and Chinese New Year holidays.
5. The change of the room prices will be based on the announcement of the Hotel.
6. Children over 120 cm or above 6 years old are charged (meeting either of the conditions)
7. No pets. No smoking.
8. Outdoor parking space is available.