Taoyuan Nankan motel,Taoyuan Nankan hotel

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  洛陽街68號, Taoyuan City, Luzhu Dist.
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  TEL:03-2225858 FAX:03-2222828
Our motel locates at 15 km from Taiwan Taoyuan Internationl Airport, 12 km from Taiwan High Speed Rail and 3 minutes driving distance from the Nankan Interchange of Taoyuan.
Young is a motel with fashion, taste, luxury, romance, privacy and greatness.
The combination of fashion and architecture concepts in hotel upgrades the guest from satisfying the living need to the pursuit of taste and senses.
It is the richness of India palace outlook, elements, totem and words that this place becomes a unique theme motel.
Indian Style Exotic Motel 
The hotel takes India palace as blueprint, hires design masters and creates a new relaxing place in detail and with great care to offer the busy people a place to steal a moment of leisure under the pressure of heavy workload.
Supreme Spoil, guiltless Sumptuousness
The atmosphere of sumptuous and dignity rises up through the air. The splendid Indian Palace, classic luxury, charming modern, romantic fantasy, night life in Lounge Bar and passionate exotic Thailand let the guests cannot take it all at once and give them illusions as if they are in a dream-like colorful world.
Experience the dignity, enjoy the super value
All the detailed cares touch your heart. The palace-like enjoyment under the ingenious exotic designs surpasses the traditional thinking and lead guests to experience the premium romance, including several theme equipment such as luxury spa hydrotherapy Jacuzzi bathtub, Vichy bath, Bubbling bed, oven, KTV, DVD, 50-inch LED TV, 100-inch projection TV, etc.
Room Name
On Sale
Deluxe Business Suite
One Large Bed
Super Business Suite
One Large Bed
Luxury Suites
One Large Bed
Standard Business Suite
Two Large Beds
Deluxe Suites
One Large Bed
President Suites
One Large Bed
Weekday & Weekend checking time
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:18:00   check out time:12:00
  ※Weekend check in time:18:00   check out time:12:00
Care Service
    KTV Equipment Request Time:23:00~08:00
    Hotel Equipment:ADSL/ Meeting Room/ Parking Lot/ Fax Machine/ Photocopier
Rest Time:The Suite is 3 hours on weekdays and 2.5 hours on weekends.
Business Suite is 3.5 hours on weekdays
and 3 hours on weekends.
For special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and New Year, please see the site notification.
Check-in Hour:Weekday check-in will be after 6 pm, while check-in time on weekends will depend on the site situation.
Overtime Charge:Half hour for NTD $300 in all types of room.
Check-out Time:At Noon.
Cost by Head:Each room for 2 people only, NTD $500/ per extra person.
KTV Equipment Request Time:23:00~08:00