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Located in the East Rift Valley between security environment through spa hotel has beautiful mountains and rivers, and about 8 km from Yuli city, is currently only able to provide complete solutions lodging location. In addition to the spa, comfortable, clean rooms, the other has a Chinese restaurant, a separate spa soup house, outdoor spa, indoor male soup, soup female, hiking trails, Kara OK, meeting rooms, parking, leisure tea area and wireless Internet access. No hotels near other buildings blocking, so look to reach all the luxuriant mountains, beautiful scenery, sooner or later, different, in this bathing, do not have a forest wild deep feelings. 
      Hualien An-Tong Hot Springs Resort is located in Yuli Town, Hualien County,along the River An-Tong. The hot spring is 7 to 8 kilometer from Yuli Town , and it was discovered in 1903. But it’s developed public bath field until 1930 by Yuli Town Administration Office. Then it continues being renovated and extended. The hot spring in our resort is close to crystal but still smells hydrogen sulfide a little bit. It’s very good for external injury, skin disease, stomach and intestines disease, women disease and so on. The temperature of hot spring is about 66 C (150F) and the scope of hot spring reaches to 300 meters.   

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2 small beds
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2 large beds
Elegant Double Room
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Triple Room
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Weekday & Weekend checking time
★No discounts during Spring Festival.
★40% discount on weekdays: Sundays to Fridays during March to June and October to December.
★30% discount on popular days: Sundays to Fridays during January to February and July to September.
★20% discount on holidays: Saturdays and consecutive holidays
★Breakfast and outdoor SPA coupons are included in accordance to the room type
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Care Service
    ★Hot Spring Area
    Welcome to experience the famous hundred year hot spring; please refer to the “Hot Spring Prices” for prices.
    The hotel is equipped with a variety of bathing facilities with 4 areas for your choosing: the outdoor SPA area, the indoor male/female nude bathing area, the indoor personal bathing area and the top floor starlit bathhouse. The scenery varies from morning to evening and from spring to winter; providing a place for guests to enjoy the relaxing and healing effects of bathing within the woods and Mother Nature.
    ★Outdoor SPA area
    The outdoor bathing area of the hotel is integrated with the SPA functions, the facilities includes 4 sections and 6 pools: hot water, warm water, cool water, water therapy pool, hot spring swimming pool and the bathing area. The area also includes 13 facilities with different functions: the steam room, bathing area, massage nozzle, warm water bubble massage bed, gravity water column, cool water bubble chair, bubble massage area, trident type nozzle, and wool water foot massage.
    ★Indoor male/female Bath
    The Japanese male and female bath is one of the favorites with the Japanese style designs and the changing room, the washing area and the bathing area. The pools includes the hot water pool, warm water pool, and cool water pool; the spacious settings allows guests to bathe indoors without any sense of oppression; the wall is designed with the Eastern Taiwan sceneries of daylilies and rape flowers to add a visual enjoyment while bathing.
    ★Indoor personal pool, family pool
    The indoor hot spring pool includes 6 duo pools and 2 family pools. The spring is imported directly from the source and is immediately washed out after use; making the pool clean, hygienic and practical.
    ★Top floor Starlit Bathhouse
    The top floor bathhouse design topples the traditional settings where the bathhouse is always indoor and without sceneries. There are 16 separate outdoor bathhouses with vast views to allow you and your friend enjoy an independent bathing surrounding; each bathhouse has different styles that allow you to lie amidst the mountain view during daytime and the starlit sky during night time.
    ★Hiking Trail
    The hotel is equipped with a hiking trail with a total length of about 600 meters. Walk upwards from the entrance to reach the Yingchungting and the Yufengting and enjoy the local Ficus, Rough-leaved Fig, Soap-nut Tree, camphor trees, and Taiwan Acacias along the way; you can also see the different birds like the Maroon Oriole and the Muller's Barbet. The highest point of the trail is about 450 meters above sea level, a great place for morning activities and to absorb Phytoncid.
    ★Social Hall
    The multifunctional social hall is equipped with French windows to allow great lighting; the surrounding mountains allow you to chat with friends indoor while still enjoying the nature. This facility is only for guests.
    ★Japanese Historical Site
    During the Japanese Era (1930), the Japanese government built a guest house out of Hinoki for the Japanese police. Nowadays the Japanese tatami guest house was listed as a historical site by the Council of Cultural Affairs, open to tourists in the Antong hot spring area. The house is of classic beauty and makes one muse things of the remote past; it is an attraction that you can’t miss in the Antong area.
    ★Recreational Tea Area
    The recreational tea area is located at the corridor of the second floor. The area has a couple of chairs and tables, an automated water dispenser, and a lounge chair made by an experienced craftsman. Enjoy the relaxing and lazy vacation ambience with the soft breeze amidst the Coastal Range.
    ★Ecological Park
    Butterfly Relay Station – An-Tong Hot Spring Hotel
    The Taiwan purple crows butterfly settles at Dawu River Valley in Taitong during the winter and starts to migrate every March up north to Yilan and even the Long Dong in New Taipei City; the migrating distance can go up to over 300 kilometers. To offer the world’s second to largest group of migrating butterflies a place to rest, eat and recharge, we built a butterfly ecological park with a lot of Kusukusu Eupatorium, Common lantana, milkweed, Kadsura oblongifolia, and many other nectariferous plants
★For a effective reservation, please transfer the deposit within 3 days after making a reservation, NTD 1000 for each room. If the deposit is not made within 3 days, the reservation will be automatically canceled without additional notice. Please fax the transfer receipt or call us after transferring to inform us of the last 5 digit of your account number and the issued bank.
★Additional beds will be charged NTD 700 each (includes breakfast, hot spring coupon, mattresses, beddings, pillow, mineral water, bathing necessities); Only Japanese rooms can have additional beds.
★Additional guests will be charged NTD 600 each (includes breakfast, hot spring coupon, mineral water, bathing necessities); Additional children will be charged NTD 400 each (includes breakfast, hot spring coupon, bathing necessities)
★The hotel provides wireless internet service, please prepare your own computer
★Free usage of outdoor SPA area (hot spring tub, warm water tub, swimming pool, children’s slide, steam room) for guests; please prepare your own swimming suit and hat.
★Charged service: starlit bathhouse, room service, pick-up service and other personal consumer behavior.
★Free service: public bath, parking lot, spin dryer and tea area (please prepare your own tea equipment)
★For those taking the train please get off at YuLi Station and take the taxi for NTD 250 or reserve a pick-up service from the hotel for NTD 500.

★Compensation will be required for any damage done to the hotels’ facilities or loss of the necessities.
No pets allowed