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  TEL:08-739-5898 FAX:08-739-7063
*Ouge Classic Motel is located at No.111, Zhongxiao St., Jiuming Village, Jiuru Township, Pingtung County
*The Motel is near the interchange of Freeway No.3, a main road to the tourist attractions in Kenting or Donggang.
All the rooms are equipped with 50-inch LCD TV, VOD, oversize double Jacuzzi, separate shower room with shower heads, steamed room, private individual garage, and free broadband network.
The Motel specially invests a large amount of money to renovate the Motel in superb quality for the visitors. All the rooms are fireproof in the top-notch class and built with safe materials. With art and inspiration, the Motel creates exquisite and classic styles and enhances quality taste for resting and accommodation. It is worth your visit.
The Motel owns legal license of good hotels and passes public safety and fire safety examination and health quality examination. The rooms are equipped with Chunghwa Telecom optic fiber ADSL broadband network so that you can access to information at anytime.
The Motel is built in fireproof materials and passes all fire safety examinations and construction safety examinations.
The Motel is equipped with anti-photographed detection device.
All the towels are cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning company.
The Jacuzzis are cleaned and disinfected by professional disinfectant from Australia.
All the cleaning of the rooms uses products certified by 3M Cleaning Master.
Room Name
On Sale
Classic Double Room
One Double Bed
Fashionable Double Room
One Double Bed
Romantic Double Room
One Double Bed
Collection Double Room
One Double Bed
Weekday & Weekend checking time
Weekdays: Sunday to Friday
Holidays: Saturday to Saturday
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:19:00   check out time:12:00
  ※Weekend check in time:19:00   check out time:12:00
Restaurant Facilities
    1.Citizens’ Travel Card Contracted Store
    2.Free Broadband Network
    3.Complimentary breakfast for accommodation
    4.Taxi hauling service
*Rest Time: Weekdays: 3 hours; holidays: 3 hours
*Accommodation Time: check-in time during weekdays: 3:00 pm; check-out time: 12:00 pm
*Check-in time during holidays: 6:00 pm; check-out: 12:00 pm
*Definition: Weekdays: Sunday to Friday
*Holidays: Saturday
*Accommodation Time: Check in before 12:00 am and check out before 12:00 pm on the next day. Those checking out after 12:00 am can stay for 12 full hours in principle.
1.For accommodation, all the rooms are for two guests only. The third guest (over junior high school) will be charged NT$500/person, with complimentary breakfast, snacks, and toiletries. Please understand that no pets in the Motel.
2.For resting, all the rooms are for two guests only. Additional guests will be charged NT$300/person.
3.Accommodation during holidays shall be based on the designated accommodation time. The room will be reserved for 15 minutes at most.
4.The price will be changed during special holidays, Chinese New Year, and long holidays, please contact with the Motel for the actual price.
5.Online reservation is only a request. It does not guarantee the room to be available. The Motel will contact you when receiving your request. Thank you.
6.For the policy regarding extended stay, please contact with the counter receptionist. Thank you!