Sun Moon Lake Crystal Resort

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  No.70-1, Jintian Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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  TEL:049-289-8740 FAX:049-289-8745
Our Story,A beautiful mark originates from courage
Like the Noah’s Ark, Crystal Resort was built by hands
Just like a promise to be realized, we walked into Nantou in the summer of 1985 to meet tranquil valleys, lingering sound, the rainbow land and dancing sunshine that seemed to have been seen for thousand times. This is Crystal Resort, the Noah’s Ark that is meant to be here.
The ark had been constructed by our persistence for decades. In 1998, a beautiful mark of Crystal Resort has hung to see itself as a modern paradise that is surrounded by natural green. The three round leaves in the trademark stand for the great nature. The first outer circle represents sunshine while the second one symbolizes the harmony between heaven, human and earth. The entire mark means nature, sunshine and fulfillment. We sincerely welcome you to visit Crystal Resort and the whole new world built by this brand.
About Crystal Resort
Crystal Resort was the first business in the leisure service industry that Jiangyang Recreation Limited Co. established. The enterprise is expected to be gradually developed.
Crystal Resort has the vast area of green field which the most starred hotels in Taiwan lack. It is also precious that the structures in the resort were built with the timbers of rear Taiwan Cypress. A total of 103 rooms are spreading in different sections of Log Cottage, Taiwan Cypress Cottage, European House and European Villa.  Presidential Suite is the most splendid one that was crafted by using types of Taiwan Cypress with sophisticated interior design for you to appreciate during your stay.
Crystal Resort was built to pursue our dreams as what we do in every stage of our life. We strive to earn this piece of land in Taiwan some praises and appreciation from the world. Your sincere and stainless heart will be cultivated while tiresome would be healed by the scent of Cypress in the Resort. You are coming to Crystal Resort to visit a fairyland in which the charm of cypress and camellias ensure a wonderful holiday. A more beautiful dream is realized by the leisure life here.
Room Name
On Sale
Honeymoon Suite
One Double Bed
Kid’s Room
1 king-size bed and One single bed
European Family Room
2 queen-size beds
Family Room
Two Double Bed
European Carnival Room
three Double Bed
Carnival Room
three Double Bed
Log Family Room
Two Double Bed
Cypress Family Room
2 queen-size beds
Log Carnival Room
2 king-size beds with one attic
Villa Honeymoon Suite
Two Double Bed
Weekday & Weekend checking time
Weekdays:Sundays to Fridays that are on non-consecutive holidays
Holiday:Saturdays and consecutive holidays
Great Holiday: the eve of Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival (event dates are subject to the announcement of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration), Chinese New Year, New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31).
【Weekday & Weekend check in and check out time】
  ※Weekday check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
  ※Weekend check in time:15:00   check out time:11:00
Care Service

    Business Meeting
    Tables can be arranged upon your request while AV and all kinds of devices are well-equipped for holding a seminar, product show or press conference that accommodates 200 participants. The space in the entrance is designed for your guests to mingle. Free Wi-Fi access and sound meeting facilities are provided with refreshments prepared. Services are tailor-made based on the theme of your event. Our abundant experience in holding meetings ensures the success of your decision making process. Please contact us by phone for your needs.
    Conference facilities provided:
    ■portable projector (screen included)
    ■overhead LCD projector
    ■120” build-in screen
    ■laser pointer

    Stereo Devices
    ■wired microphone
    ■wireless microphone
    ■CD/DVD player
    ■photocopy/printing/fax paid services

    Please note:
    ■Rental of device or service is charged every 4 hours unless specified (overtime will be charged accordingly).
    ■Taking more than one hour to decorate the venue in advance will be charged accordingly. The same rule applies to the rent for overtime.
    ■If lighting or other use of electricity for showcase is needed, please make applications in advance for our engineering staff to support with extra charge.Additional 10% rental fee will be charged for the above rental services.
    ■It is not allowed to bring your own food into the venue. If you do so, or make the venue messy, a cleaning fee of NT$2,000 will be charged. Customers who cause any damage in the venue are requested to compensate according to the cost.
    ■Tariff of venue rental/equipment rental/food service is for reference only. Prices announced on site shall be final.
    ■According to the “Guidelines of the Safety Management on Open Flame Performance (明火表演安全管理辦法)” regulated by National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior: An application is required for indoor open flame performance. Indoor open flame performance should be avoided; otherwise permission from local fire agency is required. Violators will be fined NT$ 30,000-150,000.

    Outdoor Wedding
    ■Whatever newlyweds’ expectation and imagination is a dream feast in the woods, wedding ceremony on the grass or romantic wedding by the pool, Crystal Resort would make it happen. An once-in-a-lifetime wedding is customized by us and testified by the Mother Nature. Consulting service will be provided by our professional wedding planner to carefully confirm every detail and procedure with you in order to deliver the royal-wedding- like experience even within a limited budget.
    The Resort’s low-density green buildings situated on the land with an area of 12 hectares stand out for its unique amenities including Dalin National Trail (approx. 2km), mountain bike trail (approx. 1km), outdoor karaoke, BBQ by the pool, mushroom ecological farm, firefly trail, badminton court, starlight bar, mountain spring SPA pool, outdoor swimming pool, and business center. A wide range of leisure facilities plus a large grass field occupies over three hundred square meters allow you to enjoy natural life and be fully relaxed when staying in Crystal Resort.

    Leisure Facilities
    ■Outdoor Garden Pool:You can’t resist jumping into our crystal clear swimming pool and children’s pool to have a cool season! Various beverages are available at the bar by the pool.
    ■SPA Pool:You will be able to set your body and spirit free by taking the advantage of the temperature, floating power and impact of water.
    ■Bike Trail :Riding on the “Happy Trail” (approx. 1km) inside the resort to enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way and breathe Phytoncidere can enhance the functionality of your heart and lung and make you feel less stressful and be optimistic.
    ■Playground by the Lake :The single-plank bridge and swing made of Taiwan Cypress are perfect for kids and parents to play around.
    ■RV Park:It is a star-class friendly park for RVs.The park has sound facilities, sufficient supply of water and electricity with stores, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, SPA and bike trail situated. The vast green grass area accommodates up to 25 RVs. Just make yourself at home here.

    MIT Mall
    ■Opening Hours: 24hr
    The convenient store located on the right-hand side of the entrance sells snacks, beverages, instant noodles, slippers, umbrellas and travel or daily necessities to meet your needs under some inconvenient situations.

    Business Center
    ■Business Center is equipped with computers and Wi-Fi access. Fax, photocopy and printing services are provided upon your requests. International magazines, newspapers and periodicals are available for business travelers to get information and seize opportunities during the trip.

    Business Center
    ■Photocopy/Fax/ Express delivery
    ■Service Center
    ■VIP service/Maps
    ■Dining Booking/Tour itinerary
    ■Car rental/Leisure activities timetables
    ■Postal service/Site maps for leisure activities
    ■Domestic/overseas fax/Reading materials planning
    ■Credit card payment/Taxi service

    Internal Activities
    ■Crystal Resort Guided Tours
    The holiday kingdom of the Resort is operated with the idea of a garden forest while a series of floral worlds was constructed by sections and periods. Over 100 noble types of and more than 1,000 camellias as one of the rare plants are blossomed here in winter to greet our guests (Camellia Guided Tour held in Nov.-Mar.). The primitive bamboo woods that breed fireflies (Firefly Guided Tour held in Apr. & May), the fruit of Ping-pong that feeds birds, the lotus pond that frags inhabit, and the Tea Tree that functions as a natural mosquito repellent are the corners for tourists to take a look as they like.
    ■DIY Activities
    Would you like to leave some brilliant memories during the trip? Why not join our DIY classes and activities to create the unique souvenir of your own.

    Itinerary of Half-day Tour
    ■Mushroom Ecological Farm
    The Farm is situated in the entrance to provide free guided tours of mushroom ecology as the best natural lesson for children. You will be able to pick up mushrooms on site. (Booking is required)
    ■Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village(telpher riding included in the ticket)
    Located in Yuchih Township, Nantou County that is 600m away from the Resort with 3 min. drive (free shuttle bus is available for booking), Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (the Village) is a large recreational leisure park that comprises European Palace Garden, Joy To the World, and Aboriginal Villages. Apart from the highest free-fall in Southeast Asia, the Village also features the exciting Maya Adventure and the telphers that connect Sun Moon Lake for you to overlook the natural landscape of central Taiwan. The abundant aboriginal culture is another highlight of the Village. By displaying the traditional apparel, architecture, images, food and music of aboriginal tribes, the native cultures and characters of Taiwan are fully presented.
    ■Sun Moon Lake Tour (Shuttle Ticket Package can be used together)
    Day 1: Taichung (take Taiwan Tourist Shuttles)→lunch at Delight Mall (the previous Shueishe Visitor Center)→(take Sun Moon Lake touring bus)→Wenwu Temple, Songbolun Hiking Trail & Dajhuhu Hiking Trail (take Sun Moon Lake touring bus)→Sun Moon Lake Ropeway→Ita Thao Hiking Trail→Ita Thao Wharf (take touring boat)→take Taiwan Tourist Shuttles from Delight Mall and get off at downtown of Yuchih (Farmer’s Association Stop)→Crystal Resort Shuttle Bus (take dinner at the Resort) and check-in Day 2: take breakfast at the Resort→check out, take Crystal Resort Shuttle Bus and get off at downtown of Yuchih (Farmer’s Association Stop)→(take Taiwan Tourist Shuttles) Shueishe→Xiangshan Bike Trail→Shuishe Dam→Xiangshan Visitor Center→Returning home.
Restaurant Facilities

    Crystal Banquet Hall
    Opening Hours:
    Breakfast: 07:00~10:00
    Lunch: 11:30~14:00
    Dinner: 17:30~20:30

    With an atmosphere of stress-free vacation, the spacious and light Crystal Banquet Hall is perfect for holding all kinds of banquets with a capacity of 330 persons. The up-to-date creative cuisines combine healthy and tasty diet with local ingredients in Nantou. In here, good food is a style of hospitality. Let Crystal’s delicacies meet your taste buds to imprint holiday memories in your mind.

    VIP Rooms on the 2nd floor
    ※ The well-designed VIP Room accommodating 10 to 100 persons are exclusively served by dedicated team for your company’s banquet or family and friends’dining.
    ※ The majestic independent Taiwan Cypress VIP Room is equipped with a super large table for 20 and three large glass walls with excellent views.

    BBQ by the Pool
    Dinner Time: 18:00~20:30 Let the burning fire lights up everyone’s happy face. Why not have some DIY BBQ if you have had too much fine dining. Satisfy yourself by rustic food with delights and burn all the troublesome and worries into fire.

    Snack Bar
    Opening Hours: 14:00~22:00 Having some cold or hot drinks with snacks, mingling with friends or sharing nice food with family, you can talk and laugh and simply be yourself here.
Please fill up basic data of the booker. If the data is incomplete, we will be unable to accept your booking. The rent must be paid in full amount if you choose the payment method of online credit card. If you choose another payment method, please pay the rent within the prescribed time limit after booking.

Please notify our hotel if you want to cancel your booking.
TEL: 04-3501-9388 FAX: 04-3501-9399

The deduction proportions of the payment for booking cancellation is listed below:
★100% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made on the day of accommodation.
★80% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made on the day prior to the accommodation date.
★70% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made 2-3 days prior to the accommodation date.
★60% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made 4-6 days prior to the accommodation date.
★50% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made 7-9 days prior to the accommodation date.
★30% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made 10-13 days prior to the accommodation date.
★0% of advanced deposit if the cancellation is made 14 days or more prior to the accommodation date.