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The renowned food market in Keelung has been founded for more than 40 years. It surrounds Dianji Temple on Ren 2nd Road in Keelung. It is located on Ren 3rd Road between Ai 2nd Road and Ai 3rd Road. There are many kinds of eatery here and more than 200 food stands gather in the area of 400 meters. When walking in the food market, one would wish that he (she) had an unlimited appetite to taste all of the delicious foods here. The owner of each food stand strives to create delicacy.Good materials are used for the dishes and prices are modest. The market attracts huge crowd each day. The famous dishes include soup mix, fried fish pastry, meat soup, fried oysters and meat on rice, etc. There are seafood, fried chicken, cold desserts, and more. Visiting the food market will give you a chance to taste all of the famous dishes in Taiwan. Other than local residents, many tourists visit the place for a good bite. Please do visit the food market in Keelung for Taiwans delicacy.The food market in Keelung is open until late at night, about 2:00 am or 3:00am. You can see many food stands spreading smell of tasty foods at this hour. Nearby there are also stands for clothes and daily items. One can go for some shopping after a good meal.

Keelung Islet stands northeast off Keelung. It is the most prominent island landmark in northern Taiwan and is the guidepost for ships shuttling in and out of Keelung Harbor. The graceful parabolic contour of the island makes it one of the eight scenic spots of Keelung.Keelung Islet is a beautiful volcanic island surrounded by cliffs, and there is almost no plain on it. Walks and pavilions are the main recreational facilities on the island. Along the wooden walks, various plants indigenous to Taiwan will unfold before the eyes of visitors, displaying the beauty of nature. For instance, Formosa lily blossoms will cover the entire island in the spring.The island presents multiple beauties in accordance with climatic changes. The entire volcanic island is visible to the eyes during cloudless weather but displays a glimmering look at dusk.Visitors of Keelung Islet can take a scenic boat tour from Bisha Fishing Harbor in the summer, which will enable them to watch the spectacular landscape of the island along the cruise.

Heping Island was called Sheliao Island in the past. It is located at the north of Taiwan. Heping Bridge connects the island to Keelung City. In 1626, the Spanish army built castles, churches and fortresses, preparing to do business with China and Japan. The castle on the southwest is called San Salvador, the saint savior. This is the first and currently the only castle in Keelung. During the Spanish occupation, Heping Island had busy trading activities with Southeast Asia. After World War II, the island was renamed Heping Island. Today, it is a famous tourist attraction.Heping Island is perfect for diving and sea fishing. With years of erosion by the wind and sea, the eroded rocks and coasts have formed special shapes. The Keelung government has made Heping Island a coastal park with swimming pool, tour track, tourism service center and food and beverages.

Badouzi is located southeast of Heping Island, which was originally an isolated island but became more like a peninsula after a power plant was built on the island. This has made the famous Wangyou Valley and Badouzi Coastal Park more accessible than it was before.The Badouzi Fishing Port was established in 1975 and is the largest fishing port in northern Taiwan. The village next to the port, where the gelidium amansii sea weed and fishing huts are seen everywhere, is a well-known fish-processing workshop in Taiwan. The marine harvests processed here include squids, silver anchovies, big-eye herrings, and flying-fish spawn.The Wangyou Valley, located between Badouzi and Changtan Neighborhood, is covered all over by grasses which form a graceful contour. Walking down the steps to the valley, with the Badouzi Fishing Port and Keelung Island in sight, visitors will leave their worries all behind.From the top of the cliffs, there is a trail that will lead visitors down to a beach beneath. Wave-cut platforms and bean curd rocks form the sandy and rocky landscape of the beach, which is a suitable place for collecting seashells, catching crabs and playing with water.Visitors will be able to reach the hilltop and overlook the deep blue sea by following the road round the hill. When the night falls, the lights of fishing boats and the lamps along the coastal highway will make a splendid night scene. Looking back, visitors will see the mountainous town of Jiufen(Jioufen) brightened up by twinkling lights.

Qingan Temple is also known as Mazu Temple, built in the 1980s at Keelung harbor. The temple lies on the left side of Zhong 2nd Road of Keelung City and is one of the oldest temples in Keelung. In the early times Keelung is a massive import and export commercial harbor, most of the people work in the fishery industry and the temple enshrines the Mazu Goddess to pray for safety. The temple was moved to its current location due to the land reclamation, but the architecture was carefully preserved during the process; the quaint ambience, the exquisite dragon sculpture, the simple yet vigorous stone lions, the tile outer wall and the stone inner wall all makes the whole architecture exquisite and refined. The ghost festival in Lunar July and the Mazu Birthday in March are both huge annual events for the temple.

The Guanghua Lighthouse is the shipping guidepost of Keelung Harbor. It is home to Taiwans first lighthouse coffeehouse, which is perfect for the purposes of sightseeing, business meeting, family gathering, and dating.Sitting in the revolving coffeehouse having afternoon tea, visitors will be able to have a panoramic outlook over the sea V the bustling Keelung Harbor at one side and the night scene of downtown Keelung at the other.